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    Dimdim VMWare Appliance:

    Dimdim VMWare Appliance is a VMWare based Dimdim Virtual Image containing all the required Dimdim Components.  Dimdim VMWare Appliance can
    be run on any operating system

    If you need to read more about VMWare please follow the below link.


    Below are pre-requisites for running the Dimdim VMWare Image.

    1) You need to download VMWare Player to run the Dimdim VM Image http://www.vmware.com/products/player/

    2) In order to run the Dimdim VMWare Image you would need to be either on a DHCP Network so the Dimdim VMWare Image can acquire an IP Address
    or you need to have a public static IP Address which can be assigned to the Dimdim VMWare Image.

    3) The Dimdim VMWare Image to be downloaded is around 2GB size, you would need to download this image on the machine where you intend to run
    this Dimdim VMWare Image.

    Please follow the below steps to get your Dimdim VMWare Image up.

    1. unzip VMWare image.
    2. chmod +x * (In case you are on linux)
    3. Import the VMWare image to the VMWare Player.
    3. Start the VMWare image from the player.
    4. Please make sure your VMWare Network Settings is in Bridged mode.
    5. User credentials for Dimdim Virtual machine is as follows

    Username : root
    Password : dimdim

    Automatic Network Setup:

    If your network is a DHCP Enabled Network the Dimdim VMWare Image would automatically be assigned an IP Address at the time of loading, once
    the VMWare Image is loaded please login to the VMImage and follow the below steps.

          - After the VMWare image is booted, the startup scrip will configure the required details to run all the Dimdim Components and
          Start the Dimdim components automatically.

          - You can know the IP Address of the VMWare Image by typing ifconfig from the terminal.
                  [email protected] dimdim]# ifconfig eth0
                  The output will look like:
                  eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:0C:29:CA:FA:7C
                      inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
            The IP address for the above example is
    Manual Network Setup:      
    If the Dimdim VMWare Image do not get the IP address automatically then you need to assign an IP Address to the Dimdim VMWare Image:

       Please follow the below steps to assign a static IP Address to  your VMWare Image:

            1. Specify IP Address in ifcfg-eth0 file
              - Open the file by typing the below command from a terminal
                [email protected] dimdim]#vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
              - Modify the below parameters in the file.
             Please note that the hardware address should remain the same as it is for the vmware image.
        2. Specify Name Server IP Address in resolv.conf
          - Open the file by typing the below command from a terminal
            [email protected] dimdim]#vi /etc/resolv.conf
          - Modify the below parameters in the file.
                    nameserver XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
             nameserver XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

        3. vi /etc/sysconfig/network

        4. Restart the Network Service.
          - Type the below command to restart the network service.
            [email protected] dimdim]#service network restart
        5. Confirm IP Address of your VMWare Image
          - Type the below command to check IP Address of your VMWare Image
            [email protected] dimdim]#ifconfig eth0
          Please ensure that you have provided the proper netmask / broadcast ip address / default gateway/ dns server address.
    Dimdim VM appliane Directory Structure:
    Once you have mounted the vm image you will get the following directory structure :
        Also you will find some files namely:     

    Dimdim all component IP Configuration
        There may be two cases:
            1. Network has public and private IP mapping,
                ExternalIP:port --> Internal:port    
                    Please note that port should be same, Port 80 is recommended.
                    For example: 123.X.X.X:80 ---> 192.168.X.X:80
                        publicIP is mapped to privateIP
                Use Config-ipaddress.pl like below    
                    cd /usr/local/dimdim
                    ./Config-ipaddress.pl 123.X.X.X 80 192.168.X.X
            2. VM has a singleIP, There is no network mapping(no Network Address Translation):
                Use Config-ipaddress.pl like below
                    cd /usr/local/dimdim
                    ./Config-ipaddress.pl 123.X.X.X 80

    Start Dimdim Components:

    cd /usr/local/dimdim

    Stop Dimdim Components:

    #cd /usr/local/dimdim

    Once Done the above steps you can start meeting from your browser.

    URL to start meeting from Dimdim Web Meeting Server:

    http://<ip of vm>/dimdim/

    When VM get start, Dimdim services will start automatically,
    *If they don't start automatically do the following steps:

    Go to
    cd /usr/local/dimdim
    It will start all the Dimdim components

    To stop all Dimdim components please use


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