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OSSBox manual


    CPU VIA Nehemiah 1.0 Ghz 
    DRAM Long dimm DDR slot*2  32MB~2048MB
    Storage 2 IDE connector. IDE 1: standard connector; IDE 2: mini connector
    Vedio Output Built-in S-vedio terminal, D-sub, AV terminal, DVI port
    USB 4 USB 2.0 ports
    Audio Analog RCA, M-Audio, Coaxial output. MIC input
    LAN 2 ports. LAN 1: 10/100 Lan  (RTL8100); LAN 2: Mini PCI slot
    PCI One PCI slot
    Other ports Multi-Card Reader, Smart card reader, Serial port

    User Manual

    Standard PC Applications:
    • Win XP 
      Smooth in internet browsing and playing DVD, mpeg I and II  (partially smooth in 720p, not smooth in 1080i)
      advantafes: can totally support Mpeg Decoder
             DVB-T driver ok
             P2P Stream (PPLive and XBMC can be completely integrated.)
             Good software support
      disavantages:Embedded Flash occupies large amount of space and OS gets damaged easily
            OS authorizatioin is not free.
    • Harddisk-less thin client application
      Used as RDP Client,VNC Viewer.
    Media Player
    • FREE VDR
      When in combination with satellite receiver card, it can be used in playing DVB-S mpeg 2 HD, just like DVB-S Box. There is built-in support for mpeg decoder
    • XBMC
      Can download xbmc live CD or USB Image  (with OS),  it takes up 2GB of the space
    • Mediaportal
    • Meedios
      Windows HTPC suite. Application softare is Open Source expect for the operating system.

    TV Media Server  

    similar with Sling box, Locationfree

    • Mediaportal TV Server
      Can be used for single client or multi clients. Needs SQL or Mysql Server when for multi clients
    • Beyond TV
    • Cyberlink live
      support Iphone
    Internet Firewall
    • X86 DD-WRT Wireless software
    • Pfsense: has built-in VPN server
    • IPCOP (has proxy function)
    • Coyote
    • FreeUTM UTM
    • Untagle
      Intalled report、OpenVPN、Firewall、Web Filter、Protocol Control on the 8G CF card with 512 RAM. When there's no client connection, the CPU occupation is 15%. If there's operatioins running, the CPU occupation will be 100%. Usually, internet-surfing on one client will take up 50% usage of the CPU.
    Other applications
    • AntiSpam
    • IP PBX
      Elastix->可安裝在CF on IDE or USB都沒問題
      Asterisk-> CF on IDE ok
    • Fax server
    • FreeNas ->CF on IDE or USB接可使用
    • 明誠防垃圾信->CF on IDE ok


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