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    • Concerning there are quite a few compatibility problems when opensources (linux) collocates with hardware and most users cannot handle it smoothly, we introduce the low-priced OSS Box under the support of manufacturers who promote opensources intently. OSSLAB is in combination with encoded opensource sofeware applications, no need of any modifications or drives, so that everyone can use these open-source software easily. All rewritten software complies with GPL software contract.


    • CPU:VIA  C3 Nehemiah 1.0 Ghz 

    • DRAM :Long dimm DDR slot*2  32MB~2048MB

    • Storage: 2 IDEconnector. IDE 1: standard connector; IDE 2: mini connector

    • Vedio Output:Built-in S-vedio terminal, D-sub, AV terminal, DVI port

    • USB :4 USB 2.0 ports

    • Audio :Analog RCA, M-Audio, Coaxial output. MIC input

    • Lan:2 port 10/100 Lan  (RTL8100). Lan 2: Mini PCI slot

    • PCI: One PCI slot,can be expanded by Raid , Graphics ,4 Port lan card, switch Trunk card, TV Tuner Cardterminal, DVI port

    • Other ports: Multi-Card Reader, Smart card reader (can be used in ATM transfer), Serial port

    • Mpeg Decoder:Sigma designs REALmagic EM8475 can display mpeg 1,2 ,divx codec (1080i ok )
      Spec  http://www.hesw.com/product/processo...x/em847Xpb.pdf

      same as Sigma Designs REALmagic X-Card  high-end software mpeg card

      cannot displayH.264

    Accessories & package

    1. Remote controller

    2. DVI to VGA convertor

    3. power supply+power cord


    Applicable software

    • Win XP 
      Smooth in internet browsing and playing DVD, mpeg I and II  (partially smooth in 720p, not smooth in 1080i)
      advantafes: can totally support Mpeg Decoder
             DVB-T driver ok
             P2P Stream (PPLive and XBMC can be completely integrated.)
             Good software support
      disavantages:Embedded Flash occupies large amount of space and OS gets damaged easily
            OS authorizatioin is not free.
    • FREE VDR
      When in combination with satellite receiver card, it can be used in playing DVB-S mpeg 2 HD, just like DVB-S Box. There is built-in support for mpeg decoder
      CNVDR http://www.cnvdr.org/bbs/viewthread....extra=page%3D1
    • Geexbox
    • thin client application: thinstation

    Storage Design

    1. USB Boot
      A. need to change the wiring of USB stick on the chassis.

      B. insert directly in the USB port in chassis' motherboard

      C. card reader cf slot

    2. ATA Storage
      A. Standard IDE HDD
      B. CF to 3.5 Storage
      C. IDE SSD
          should consider mode when use CF
          Please refer to: http://www.mobile01.com/topicdetail....f=159&t=764153
    3. Lan Boot
      Need to write boot code on main board's flash bios


    1. USB has problem with large power supply equipment

      First: unsolder Diode circuit board, change it into direct connection


      also change front-end USB panel and motherboard cable

      Second: solderless. configure tailgate USB connector, which will take up the PCI slot

    2. USB card reader might be USB 1.1
      Solution: change the circuit board. in process
    3. CPU efficiency
      Solution: Bios over clock, increase the efficiency by 10%


    1. PCI Ati 9200 DVI +VGA
      Hopefully it can play movies of 720P smoothly and OK with 1080i

    2.  4 port lan card can be used as sofeware router which makes this machine 6 port lan

    3. Analog TV card media center or Slingbox (cpu may not strong enough. testing if EM8475 can be encoded now)

    4. No problem with Satellite DVB-S receiver card, standard DVB-S. CCTV HI-Vision should work (it's Mpeg2 encode)

    5. USB DVB-T receiver: no problem for 15 units.  How about Taiwan Public Telivision Hi HD ?

    6. FXO ,FXS Trunk Card used in PBx


    •  small volumn, excellent expansion with 1 pc and 1 pci, low price, CPU is a bit slow
    •  images or movies are rather clear when using companent connector or AV output, quite different from AV-out of normal graphic card.


    1. Since there are many output formats, changes must be made in BIOS in order to output correctly. For example, set to DVI when want to use DVI.
      Settings of display card's image output are the same with that of BIOS. If set to CRT+TV, output will be done through terminals (AV, S, component vedio). Hence, following match settings are configured:
      Set to "TV" when need to use AV, S, component vedio output
      Set to "CRT" or "CRT+DVI" when need to use D-sub (through DIV to D-sub)
      Set to "DVI" or "CRT+DV when need to use DVI


    circuit board and connector

     DSC01070 (Medium).JPG

    DSC01068 (Medium).JPG









    01 (Large).JPG

    02 (Large).JPG

    03 (Large).JPG

    04 (Large).jpg


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