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    *Hardware RAID vs. Software RAID: Which Implementation is Best for my Application?
    *SAS Raid-on-Motherboard: Affordable, High Performance RAID
    *Take the Lead with Jasper Forest, the Future Intel®Xeon®Processor for Embedded and Storage
    *Intel Explaining Hard Drive Differences
    *SAS Integrator Guide
    *Serial Attached SCSI Physical layer
    *Serial Attached SCSI Link layer – part 2
    *Introducing the Dell PERC 6 Family of SAS RAID ControlLers
    *An Evolutionary Step for SAS Technology
    *Serial Attached SCSI Cables and Connectors
    *SERIAL ATTACHED SCSI-A White Paper Prepared for the SCSI Trade Association
    *The Benefits of RAID on Motherboard http://www.dell.com/content/topics/g...luse?c=us&l=en
    *Port Multipliers http://www.serialata.org/technology/...ultipliers.asp
    *SFF-8485 Specification for Serial GPIO (SGPIO) Bus

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