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Do LSI MegaRAID controllers support SMART and pass through SMART commands?


    There’s nothing difference about this adapter vs. any other LSI SAS adapter regarding SMART.
    The Windows driver itself doesn’t do anything with SMART.  The driver simply passes SCSI commands down to targets (either SAS [directly] or SATA [via the F/W SCSI to ATA translation layer]) and returns the results to the Windows storage stack.  Any SCSI sense data regarding SMART (sense data with the Additional Sense Code [ASC] of 0x5D) will be passed back up the stack, just like any other sense data.  It is up to the OS or specialized services to utilize that data to provide warnings or messages to the user about SMART errors.

    There are Windows defined IOCTLs for obtaining SMART information from target devices.  They are:
    However, these IOCTLs were built for IDE (ATA) devices and not SCSI devices.  The structures used for these commands use IDE registers.  LSI has not added the support in the Storport drivers to handle these IOCTLs as this would required ATA (IDE) translation handling at the driver level.  

    For SAS devices you can get SMART information by sending a Request Sense command to detect a SMART error and Mode Sense commands to the Informational Exceptions Control mode page to get details on SMART reporting configuration.

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