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    Liveness Detection with OpenCV


    Deep learning, hydroponics, and medical marijuana


    • Keras + Train CNN

    Keras: How to get started with Keras, Deep Learning, and Python

    1. Installing Keras and other dependencies on your system
    2. Loading your data from disk
    3. Creating your training and testing splits
    4. Defining your Keras model architecture
    5. Compiling your Keras model
    6. Training your model on your training data
    7. Evaluating your model on your test data
    8. Making predictions using your trained Keras model

    Deep Learning and Medical Image Analysis with Keras


    • ResNet
    • SGD optimizer
    • 切割樣本資料集為 train, validation, test 等資料集
    • Data Augmentation
    • Decay learning rate after exch epoch
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