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VM直接使用USB 硬體裝置


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    官方VMware ESX 4.1 對於 USB 裝置的說明:

    ESX 4.1 新功能 USB device passthrough: 可讓 VM  直接存取 USB .


    • Virtual hardware version 7 or higher
    • A USB Arbitrator
    • A USB controller
    • A USB device or device hub


    The USB Controller has these limitations:

    • 在Host OS  裝置上必需有掛載與支持 USB 控制器驅動模組.
    • You can add only one virtual USB controller to each virtual machine.
    • The USB arbitrator can monitor a maximum of 15 USB controllers. If your system includes an additional number of controllers and you connect USB devices to these controllers, the devices are not available to the virtual machine.
    • You must add the USB controller to the virtual machine before you can add a USB device.
    • You must remove all USB devices before you remove the controller.

    USB devices have these limitations:

    • You can add multiple USB devices to a virtual machine that resides on an ESX/ESXi host to which the devices are physically attached.
    • A USB device is available to only one virtual machine at a time.
    • 一台VM 最多20個USB  裝置
    • Unsupported USB devices may not interact as expected with other ESX/ESXi features. For a list of supported USB devices, see Supported USB device models for passthrough from an ESX or ESXi host to a virtual machine (1021345).
    • Before you hot add memory, CPU, or PCI devices, you must remove any USB devices. Hot adding these resources disconnects USB devices, which may result in data loss.
    • When you suspend and resume a virtual machine, USB devices behave as if they have been disconnected, then reconnected.


    To add a USB controller:

    1. Right-click on the virtual machine and click Edit Settings.
    2. Click Add.
    3. Choose USB Controller and click Next.
    4. Click OK.

    To add a USB device:

    1. Right-click on the virtual machine and click Edit Settings.
    2. Click Add.
    3. Choose USB Device and click Next.
    4. Note: To support vMotion, select Support vMotion while device is connected.

    這邊會顯示出所有可使用的 USB 裝置.指派 USB 裝置給這一台 VM 使用.
    可以很清楚看到多了一個 USB Device.
    回到 VM 就可以看到 USB 的裝置了.
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