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Vicidial 2.2.0 更新項目


    版本 2.0.x 與 2.2.0 的項目比較

    - Added new method for monitoring from the Real-time screen using a phone entry
    - Outbound Surveys and Answering Machine messages using Cepstral Text-to-speech
    - Added rank and owner to the vicidial_list table
    - Added RANDOM, LAST CALL TIME, OWNER, RANK and TIMEZONE lead order options
    - Changed List Mix to be active by default and added more List Mix options
    - Added Call Menus (aka IVR) allowing for treed DTMF options using the Admin web interface(增加 IVR 功能)
    - Added the central Audio Store, allows audio prompts upload ability from web interface(增加透過 web 介面集中管理語音檔功能)
    - Added central Voicemail Server and auto dial limit setting to System Settings(增加集中管理語音留言主機的管理)
    - Added option to login as an agent with no phone
    - Added live monitoring of calls and retrieval of recorded calls through QueueMetrics
    - Added queue_log DID and IVR logging entries for QueueMetrics
    - Added ability to force auto-incremented ID values for Users, Campaigns, Lists, etc...
    - Added Agent Time Detail report showing the timeclock, agent activity and pause time
    - Added DID traffic stats report
    - Added User Time-Clock Detail report
    - Added new Inbound Summary Hourly Report
    - Added Outbound Summary Interval Report
    - Added DAHDI channel compatibility and carrier logging for outbound list calls
    - Added option to lock out DROP calls from being called again for a period of time(UK regs)
    - Changed In-Group and Call Menu prompts to allow for multiple audio files per prompt
    - Added a conf_secret field to phones and servers for greater security
    - Added no-agent-no-queueing to In-Groups
    - Changed the agent alert extension to a filename in in-groups
    - Added process and report for updating statuses on leads through a batch process
    - Added the option for a Quick Transfer from the agent screen
    - Added Multiple Campaign Drop Rate Groups to allow campaigns to share a drop percentage
    - Added pre-Answer statuses and processing for the Sangoma CPD(Call Progress Detection)
    - Added Agents Status View sidebar to agent interface, and available transfer agent frame
    - Added Calls in Queue display to Agent screen, along with click to grab a call option
    - Added a Re-Queue Call button to send the current call back as AGENTDIRECT call
    - Added automatic list reset option to List Modification screen
    - Added no-hopper dialing option for MANUAL and INBOUND_MAN campaigns
    - Added lead owner option to restrict dialing within a list to territory/group/user
    - Agent screen Alert option is now disabled by default.
    - Added --GSW option for audio processing scripts for .wav GSM codec with a RIFF header
    - Added agent screen display dialable leads option for campaigns
    - Added ViciDial Balance Rank for servers to allow prioritizing the servers
    - Added option to the Outbound(VDAD) report to include the overflow drop in-group
    - Added longest_wait_time option for Next Agent Call in Campaigns and In-Groups
    - Changed Real-time Report screen agent time display to be based upon a change in "state"
    - Changed the ViciDial agent screen to not delete session reservations at agent logout
    - Changed voicemail config to use phone password as voicemail password
    - Rewrote how scripts are displayed in the ViciDial agent interface
    - Added List script/CID/AM message/Drop group override settings
    - Added web-configurable Music-On-Hold and conferences to the admin interface
    - Changed the reloading of Asterisk modules to only reload changed settings
    - Added "Active Agent Server" option to servers to allow disabling of agent phone logins
    - Added DEAD call time logging and agent notification of call hangup
    - Added second web form button with different URLs possible per campaign and in-group
    - Changed Answering Machine Message campaign option to an audio select
    - Added additional Voicemail configuration through admin.php
    - Added Agent-selectable territories list upon login
    - Added ability to use Remote Agents with all inbound next-agent-call settings
    - Added ability to use DNCC and DNCL as Auto-Alt-Dial statuses
    - Added ability to DNC filter by North American AREACODE using 201XXXXXXX as a DNC entry
    - Added agi-NVA_recording.agi script to allow for recording and logging of non-agent calls
    - Added secondary FTP audio recording transfer script to send recordings to second server
    - Added option for adding custom links to the reports page
    - Added an API function(change_ingroups) which allows changing of agent-selected in-groups
    - Added Recording Filename and Recording ID as Script variables
    - Redesigned the Transfer-Conf frame in the agent interface, added CONSULTATIVE checkbox
    - Added "Delete Voicemail After Email" options to delete messages after they are emailed
    - Added CRM Login Popup to campaign settings to allow for custom window on login
    - Added 5 custom fields to the user settings
    - Added Initial Queue Position logging on inbound calls and summary in the Inbound report
    - Added six duplication check methods to the non-agent API add_lead function
    - Added VIDPROMPT options for in-group call handling to prompt caller for an ID number
    - Added agent API function to update vicidial_list fields and the fields on agent screen
    - Added timer action options to campaigns and in-groups
    - Added three more transfer-conference number-to-dial presets, and ListID override options
    - Added Dispo Call URL, allows back-end call to a web page or URL when agent dispos a call
    - Added log rolling archive script to automatically move logs into archive tables monthly
    - Added popup calendars to many of the reports for easier date selection
    - Changed AGENTDIRECT selection to be triggered by clicking on AGENTS link
    - Reformatted lead search page and added first and last name search options
    - Added 3-WAY status to the Real-time report to show when agents are in consultative xfer sessions
    - Added carrier log display option to Real-time report to show the hangup causes for recent calls

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