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Voicemail - 語音留言


    語音留言功能 - Voicemail

    • FreePBX/Elastix/PIAF/Trixbox 的功能碼
      • *97 聽取目前分機的留言
      • *98 聽取任何分機的留言
    • Asterisk 的指令
          b: Play the 'busy' greeting to the calling party.
          d([c]): Accept digits for a new extension in context <c>, if played
          during the greeting. Context defaults to the current context.
          g(#): Use the specified amount of gain when recording the voicemail
          message. The units are whole-number decibels (dB). Only works on supported
          technologies, which is DAHDI only.
          s: Skip the playback of instructions for leaving a message to the
          calling party.
          u: Play the 'unavailable' greeting.
          U: Mark message as 'URGENT'.
          P: Mark message as 'PRIORITY'.


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