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    有關 chan_mobile 其他的應用。

    偵測手機的連線狀態 - MobileStatus Application



    exten => 40,1,MobileStatus(dave,DAVECELL)
    exten => 40,2,GotoIf($["${DAVECELL}" = "1"]?3:5)
    exten => 40,3,Dial(ZAP/g1/04987654321,45,tT)
    exten => 40,4,Hangup
    exten => 40,5,Dial(SIP/40,45,tT)
    exten => 40,6,Hangup

    MobileStatus Return Code:

    1 = Disconnected. i.e. Device not in range of Asterisk, or turned off etc etc
    2 = Connected and Not on a call. i.e. Free
    3 = Connected and on a call. i.e. Busy




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