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    fs_cli 用法

    fs_cli 是 FreeSwitch 用戶端程式

    fs_cli [-H <host>] [-P <port>] [-p <secret>] [-d <level>] [-x command] [profile]

    -H - Host name or IP address (default is
    -P - TCP port number (default is "8021")
    -p - Logon password (default is "ClueCon")
    -d - Debug level 0-7 (default is 6, NOT the same as log level)
    -l - Log level level warning/info/debug (default is debug)
    -q - Disable logging
    -r or -R - Retry connection every two seconds until connected (or until 2 minutes has passed)
    -x - Command to execute, wrapped in quotes
    -b or --batchmode (for all os's). Batch mode causes more aggressive flushing of stdout and no colorization so external programs can harness fs_cli. It reduces the input complexity (tabbing, input completion etc) to best work for being batch fed commands. Note in most cases you should be using the ESL library (available for just about every language) rather than fs_cli.
    profile - Profile name from .fs_cli_conf file

    離開 CLI
    /event - Enable events (More Info)
    /noevents - Disable all events previously enabled with /event
    /nixevent - Enable all but one type of event (More Info)
    /log - set loglevel of the FreeSWITCH daemon (e.g. /log info or /log alert) (More Info)
    /nolog - Disable logging (More Info)
    /uuid - Filter logs for a single call uuid
    /filter (More Info)
    /help - List fs_cli commands  

    fs_cli 的設定檔位置可以是 /etc/fs_cli.conf 或


    ; Put me in /etc/fs_cli.conf or ~/.fs_cli_conf
    ;overide any default options here
    loglevel => 6
    log-uuid => false
    quiet => false
    key_f1 => help
    key_f2 => status
    key_f3 => show channels
    key_f4 => show calls
    key_f5 => sofia status
    key_f6 => reloadxml
    key_f7 => /log console
    key_f8 => /log debug
    key_f9 => sofia status profile internal
    key_f10 => sofia global siptrace on
    key_f11 => sofia global siptrace off
    key_f12 => version
    host     =>
    port     => 8021
    password => secret_password
    debug    => 7
    host     =>
    port     => 8021
    password => someother_password
    loglevel => info



    利用 Asterisk 系統將 wav 聲音檔轉換成各種編碼 *.G729, *.PCMU, etc...。


    FreeSWITCH GUI 套件

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