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    Yate - Yet Another Telephony Engine
    Yate 可以使用在:

    • VoIP server
    • VoIP client
    • Conference server - with up to 200 channels in a single conference
    • VoIP to PSTN gateway
    • PC2Phone and Phone2PC gateway
    • IP Telephony server and/or client
      • H.323 gatekeeper
      • H.323 multiple endpoint server
      • H.323<->SIP Proxy
      • SIP session border controller
      • SIP router
      • SIP registration server
      • IAX server and/or client
      • Jingle client or server
      • MGCP gateway or server
    • ISDN passive and active recorder
    • ISDN, RBS, analog passive recorder
    • SS7 switch
    • Call center server
    • IVR engine
    • Prepaid and/or postpaid cards system

    軟體用 C++ 語言所開發,支援 Linux 作業系統。


    整合套件(Yate + Web-UI):FreeSentral

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    FreeSentral live CD
    Live CD Linux distribution with free IP PBX included
    發佈時間 21:23, 13 Apr 2010 ()
    Yate is now at the 4.0 release, with SCCP, TCAP, MAP and CAMEL, TCP and TLS in SIP, Javascript fast prototyping of telephony applications and brand new face for YateClient.

    Also, on 1st of March 2012, SS7Cloud.com was launched by NullTeam, Yate creators. Having all you need to be a US CLEC, it brings SS7 services in a cloud.
    發佈時間 19:41, 28 Mar 2012 ()
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