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    HP iscsi boot 軟體與firmware for all os

    PRODUCTS AFFECTED:  NC1020, NC3123, NC3134, NC3135, NC3163, NC6132, NC6136, NC6170, NC6770, NC7131, NC7132, 
                        NC7170, NC7760, NC7761, NC7770, NC7771, NC7780, NC7781, NC7782, NC105i, NC110T, NC112T, 
                        NC150T, NC310F, NC320T, NC320i, NC320m, NC324i, NC325i, NC325m, NC326i, NC326m, NC340T, 
                        NC360m, NC360T, NC362i, NC364m, NC364T, NC370F, NC370T, NC370i, NC371i, NC373F, NC373i, 
                        NC373m, NC373T, NC374m, NC375i, NC380T, NC382i, NC382m, NC382T, NC510C, NC510F, NC512m, 
                        NC522m, NC522SFP, NC524SFP, NC532i, NC532m

    INSISCSI - Installs or upgrades the iSCSI boot option ROM.

               This command will upgrade the iSCSI boot option ROM if the
               iSCSI boot option ROM is already installed and its version
               is out of date.

               This command will also install the iSCSI boot option ROM to
               replace the PXE option ROM for NC37xT, NC37xF, and NC380T adapters.

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