Reset Root Password

    1. 1. RedHat/CentOS
    2. 2. Ubuntu/Debian

    Reset Forgotten Root Password


    For CentOS/RHEL 7)


    For GRUB Bootloader)
    系統重開機 -> 進入開機選單

    1. Select the kernel
    2. Press the e key to edit the entry
    3. Select second line (the line starting with the word kernel)
    4. Press the e key to edit kernel entry so that you can append single user mode
    5. Append the letter S (or word Single) to the end of the (kernel) line
    6. Press ENTER key
    7. Now press the b key to boot the Linux kernel into single user mode
    8. At prompt type passwd command to reset password:
    # mount -t proc proc /proc
    # mount -o remount,rw /
    # passwd
    # sync
    # reboot

    For LILO Bootloader)

    Boot: linux single 
    # passwd
    # sync
    # reboot 
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