AIX/Linux Monitoring with njmon

nimon (NOT njmon) + InfluxDB + Grafana

NOTE: as of version 78, the njmon and nimon have been merged into one binary file.

Using the option -J (nimon mode) or -I (nimon mode).




Create a new database for njmon

create database aix_njmon with duration 180d
create user mon with password 'thisispassword'
grant ALL on aix_njmon to mon
show GRANTS for mon



Cron job:

## Gathing AIX/Linux performance data with njmon
# Running forever, in case the process is killed the cron job will restart it every one hour.
# -i : the hostname of InfluxDB
# -x : the DB name in InfluxDB
# -y : the DB user
# -z : the DB password
3 * * * * /usr/local/bin/njmon -I -s 60 -k -i <ip-or-hostname-to-InfluxDB> -x <db-name> -y <db-user> -z <db-pass> > /dev/null 2>&1

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