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網站瀏覽統計分析 (Alternative to Google Analytics)

Plausible Analytics

Video Conference


Linux Backup

Restic - Commands and tools such as cp, rsync, and unison are excellent for moving data from one location to the other and even for synchronizing data. However, they are not ideal for a differential or incremental backup strategy. They are also not efficient in terms of resource usage. A good backup solution not only performs a full backup, but also examines the objects to see what has changed. It accounts for these changes and saves them accordingly with emphasis on security and efficiency. When it comes to restoration, a viable backup solution should allow for the bulk and granular restoration of files, directories, and objects based on a point-in-time. Restic checks all of the boxes when it comes to a solid backup solution.

Performance Analytics

Guider - Python-based Tools


Make a slide

Server Performance Monitor



Healthchecks - Healthchecks is a cron job monitoring service. It listens for HTTP requests and email messages ("pings") from your cron jobs and scheduled tasks ("checks"). When a ping does not arrive on time, Healthchecks sends out alerts.

可監控 Cron job,排程時間到若沒有正常執行,也可以收到告警。可以整合任何程式碼或 script 以 HTTP API 方式觸發告警。可以監控某個程式的執行時間是否過長。

Server UpTime Monitor
Remote Management
Console & Terminal
Mail Server




WAF - Web Application Firewall

Pi-Alert - WiFi/LAN 連網裝置偵測

Firewall & Router
Web Benchmark
Active Directory
Cloud Storage
Bootable USB Drive with ISO files

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