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The ultimate AI business intelligence tool. Any LLM, any document, full control, full privacy.

AnythingLLM is a "single-player" (單機個人)application you can install on any Mac, Windows, or Linux operating system and get local LLMs, RAG, and Agents with little to zero configuration and full privacy.

AnythingLLM 也有自架網站版,見文章下方的連結。

You can install AnythingLLM as a Desktop Application, Self Host it locally using Docker and Host it on cloud (aws, google cloud, railway etc..) using Docker

You want AnythingLLM Desktop if...

  • You want a one-click installable app to use local LLMs, RAG, and Agents locally
  • You do not need multi-user support
  • Everything needs to stay only on your device
  • You do not need to "publish" anything to the public internet. Eg: Chat widget for website